About me

About me:

Rami Maki, grew up in Baghdad in 1984, surrounded by an artistic family that encouraged him to travel and pursue his dream of creating a company that reflected his passion. His father and mother are both Ceramic artists and graduated from the Academy of Fine Art in Baghdad.

As a child, his upbringing within a liberal and artistic family kept him away from any religious or ethnic attachments, into a more secular and humanistic perspective and life style, believing in the words of the famous Lebanese author "Amin Maalouf": " I am the son of the road, my country is a caravan and my life is the most unexpected of voyages."

Rami went to The Music and Ballet School of Baghdad. After the war, his family had to move from country to country until they finally settled in Syria where young Rami was able to nourish his artistic talent. Due to this, Rami was exposed to different cultures and learned how to speak different accents. In Syria where he also published his first big project, his first website in Old Damascus, containing everything historical and old about it.

After his long travel, he finally settled in London where he established his company, Microvera. It provides a comprehensive portfolio of online presences for a wide range of clients from individuals such as actors, TV personalities and broadcasters, to small, medium and large companies.

For him, Photography is a universal language that transcends all barriers and can be understood by everyone and everywhere. A picture speaks a thousand words, it gives him deeper meaning to love photography even more. What’s fascinating for him is that the camera can capture a moment with the touch of a button, therefore encapsulating the essence of that memory and the feelings it evokes forever.

Photography is not just a job, it’s his passion, and with his keen eye for details, he could help you to capture your precious moments and to document your very own memories forever. Thus, and following his heart's desire, he studied various areas in Digital Artistry which includes but not limited to Film-making, Cinematography, Visual Arts, Journalism and Photography. Starting with a simple artistic vision he has grown into a well-known name for digital media communications and design.










Viewing the compassionate images and learning the times gone by behind each Rami’s photography seeks to arouse unity through imagery and to educates the mind and promote compassion. In creating a connection between the viewer and the subject we wish to ignite ideas, promote understanding and to build a bridge of global peace.

We aspire to touch and augment the lives of millions of viewers worldwide through imagery. Human relationship and the value of respect in our world are central to our vision;

we hope to create and distribute compelling visual storytelling about humanity that brings the world closer. We encourage connection, education and change, image by image.

Rami’s Photography encourages ideals such as integrity, compassion, collaboration and commitment through engagement with the viewers. These are values that contribute to respect and peace, locally, nationally and globally.