Portrait Photography FAQ

Where Are You Based?

I am based in London, UK.

Do You Travel Outside London?

Yes, I am happy to travel across the UK for photo shoots. In addition to our portrait session fee, shoots outside London require an additional charge to cover my travel costs and a minimum spend, which is applied as credit towards your order. If an overnight stay is required, then an additional fee will be added to take into account the extra time away from home.

For shoots outside the UK, quotations are made on a case-by-case basis to take into account the time and logistics involved, and the client is responsible for arranging the necessary work permit

Where Do Your Photo Shoots Take Place?

All my sessions take place on location - I travel to you and we take pictures either at your home or out and about, whichever you prefer. We usually combine some pictures at home with images taken at your family's favourite places – such as the park, the beach, or the woods – and I have photographed in a variety of locations, from National Trust properties to a local garden centre!

We recommend visiting places that have a resonance for you as a family, as this will produce pictures that will remind your children not of the day of the photo shoot, but of the summer spent playing on the bandstand, or the beach you always go to, or their favourite climbing tree. The sessions are designed to capture your lives as you live them, so the choice of location is up to you – as long as there are no restrictions on photography, I'm happy to take pictures pretty much anywhere.

How Long Will Our Portrait Session Last?

Sessions tend to last a morning. We start early, usually at 8am, to make the most of the best light and also to ensure that the children are wide-awake first thing in the morning. I usually stay until around lunchtime. By having plenty of time, it gives us a lot of leeway if we need to take breaks for naps or snacks, or a bit of quiet-time part way through the morning. Younger children tend to need a mid-morning nap and we can have a cup of coffee during this time.

I love taking pictures and it's great to have these sessions that are slightly longer than the norm as we get to do a variety of different things with the time, and that results in more interesting and varied images for you.

Is There Anything We Should Bring?

If we are shooting out and about, then we would take the normal things you would have with you for a day at the park - the children's favourite toys if they always have them with them, perhaps a ball or a cricket bat; also snacks (although it is best to avoid the organic carrot flavoured crisps that cover children in luminous orange goo!) and a drink; wipes (please bring lots of wipes - it's amazing how many we get through on a photo shoot).

What Happens If It Rains?

Operating a photographic business in the UK for over ten years has meant that I am totally confident shooting portrait photographs whatever the weather! Many of my best pictures have been taken either playing indoors or outdoors on damp days in the beautiful, soft light that results from cloud-cover and drizzling rain. It's a cliché, but photographers tend to prefer a dull day to a bright sunny one when shooting portraits, as the light is often more flattering.

If it is pouring with rain on the day of your shoot, then don't worry - we shall still capture a fabulous set of pictures, and often the added challenge of thinking outside the box results in some of my very best work.

What Happens If My Child Is Ill?

If your child is ill, then we ask you to let us know as soon as possible and we can postpone your session. We wouldn't dream of forcing a sick child to have a photo shoot, as this would be miserable for everyone involved. It's much better to wait until they are feeling better and we can all have an amazing time taking your pictures.

What Should We Wear?

Simple, plain-coloured clothes tend to work best, as well as clothes with a subtle pattern. It's best to avoid bold stripes and checks as these don't work well in pictures, and try not to have half the family dressed in white and the other half in black as the contrast in the images can be distracting.

If it is wet underfoot, please avoid dressing a toddler in white tights as the chances of falling over and muddy knees is high.

If you would like to have a selection of clothes for your children laid out, I'm happy to advise when I arrive. Should anyone be wearing something that I don't think will work well in the pictures, then I'll mention it to you before we start so there is an opportunity for a quick change.

Are You Able To Remove Imperfections From The Images?

It is no problem to remove the superficial spots and scratches that are an everyday occurrence in children's lives.

Can We Include Hobbies Into The Shoot, Such As Surfing/Horse-Riding/Archery?

I'm happy to photograph pretty much anything, and have photographed a dazzling array of different activities over the past eleven years. We simply ask that you tell us about any specific hobbies in advance, as some activities will require me to bring specialist equipment and if it is something we haven't encountered before, we will want to research it thoroughly to ensure I can capture the very best pictures for you.

If your child is a great swimmer, we cannot photograph in public swimming pools but I am more than happy to shoot in a private pool if you have access to one - again, do contact us to discuss this further.

Wedding Photography FAQ

I Would Like You To Shoot My Wedding, How Do I Start The Process?

Reach me via my contact form along with your wedding date and venue, if secured. I can respond by email or phone. If possible, I would like to meet you both in person so you can get to know your future photographer and can ask me everything you need. Once you’ve decided to choose me as your photographer, I will send a contract for you to sign and return with a deposit. After that, you can check “find a photographer” off your wedding to-do list.

What Does A Wedding Session Cost?

Contact me for a full rate sheet and details. You’ll find that I like to keep things simple. If you are eloping, doing something very simple, or only need me for a few hours, shoot me an email and we can find something that will work for everyone.

How Much Do I Need To Deposit?

I require a 50% initial deposit and the rest of the fee to be paid on or before the wedding day.

How Far Should We Book In Advance?

Typically 1-2 months in advance as soon as you have a date and venue. If you’re not the plan way in the advance type of guy or gal, fret not. Check with me for availability.

Will You Be Shooting The Wedding?

Yes. You are hiring me to shoot the wedding, not another photographer working under my name.

Do You Shoot With An Assistant?

I always shoot with an assistant/2nd photographer with rare exceptions. This frees me up to focus on shooting and looking for special moments while ensuring that between the two of us, we don’t miss the important ones. The 2nd shooter offers a different but complementary perspective and allows us to work efficiently throughout the entire day.

Where Are You Based?

I am based in London, UK. If you aren’t in any of these locations, please read the next question.

Do You Travel?

I love to travel and will generally arrive at least the day before the event to help ensure that unexpected travel delays do not make me late or miss your big day. Let me know where you are and we’ll figure out the best way to get me out to you.

When Should We Do The Wedding Portraits?

This is mostly up to you, but usually a couple of hours before the ceremony or immediately following the ceremony. Shooting before the ceremony allows you to check one more thing off the day’s to-do list early on and, more importantly, to afford you and the wedding party a chance to enjoy the cocktail hour and mingle with your guests. Shooting after the ceremony, depending on the time, could allow you to take advantage of the setting sun and its softer light.

Do You Take Getting-Ready Shots?

These are some of my favorite photographs to capture. The energy and excitement of everyone moving about is there, but I can also capture the calm and solemn moments when the bride and groom think about their wedding vows, the friends and family around them, and everything leading up to and away from this moment.

Product Photography  FAQ

What Is Packshot Photography?

A packshot is most easily defined as a simple photograph of a product on a white or plain background and is frequently used in catalogues, brochures, direct mail and e-commerce sites.

What Do You Mean By Creative Photography?

The addition of distinctive backgrounds, surfaces & props in addition to complex lighting & post-production techniques with the aim of creating a unique & bespoke final image.
Naturally these extra considerations result in a more time demanding process per shot as so is often suited to prize items &/or specific advertising.

What Kind Of Products Do You Specialise In?

Everything from small items of jewellery to large pieces of furniture.
During the consultation process we will discuss the types of items you have to photograph & thereby planning the best workflow for the shoot as the setup for large items will generally differ from that of small table top items.

I Need Images For The Web & Also For Print, Is This Possible?

Of course, for each item you can have a low resolution image for the web and a high resolution image for print, both of which are included in the price.

What Is A Clipping Path & Do You Supply Them?

A clipping path is simply a manually traced outline of (ideally) a solid shaped product which is then included in a tiff file & which can then be conveniently used for several purposes such as if you want to swap the product background for another colour or image & also in page layout programs to enhance text-wrapping & similar styling options.
Yes, I can provide a clipping path for each product which is priced as an extra feature to the standard shot.

What About Shadows & Reflections?

Both shadows & reflections can provide an attractive holding effect especially for items shot on a white or plain background but it does come down to personal taste as well as the practicalities of how the image is to be used.
Naturally shot shadows & reflections will in most cases give the best results however they can be created in post-production as well.

Do You Have Any Colour Management To Ensure The Images Are Colour Accurate?

Any photographer who neglects this is looking for trouble.
As a professional photographer I like things to be done correctly and so yes I incorporate colour management practices at every stage in the process such as shooting with an X-rite Colour Checker Passport for in-camera profiling calibration in addition to monitor calibration with the X-rite i1 Display Pro system to ensure that images seen onscreen are true to the actual files and what should result in a calibrated print.

I Don’t Have A Great Understanding Of What Is Meant By Resolution Or Image Size So Can You Advise Me On This?

Yes, I am happy to advise on any element you are unsure about.
Generally low resolution images are in the jpeg format (filename.jpg) & are suited for web, email and onscreen viewing and are generally in the region of 72ppi or 96ppi with 1000 pixels along the long edge, however these dimensions will not print well and so higher resolutions in the region of 240ppi – 300ppi will be required to maintain definition, size & quality, & will be in TIFF format or jpeg if required.
If you have no interest in technicalities such as these but need your image in a format for some specific output then by all means leave me to it so you can get on with whatever it is you need to.

Do I Have To Be Present During The Shoot?

Not at all, provided I have a good understanding of what it is you need then the shoot is usually a straight-forward process.
For packshots it helps to know the angle(s) required for each item eg front, 45 degree, side, back, detail etc
For more creative shots a simple brief in the form of a sketch or basic mock-up will often suffice.
Obviously after working together for the first time we will naturally develop an understanding which often makes subsequent projects a more seamless process.

Can I Send My Items To You?

By all means, such as via local courier, Royal Mail, UPS etc 
Please package your items in a protective manner bearing in mind that the same packaging will be re-used in the return of the items.
The costs for delivery & return of the item(s) is at your expense.

Videography FAQ

What Videography Do You Specifically Do?

I can do Wedding, Events, Parties, and what have you.

Do You Offer Discounts For Off-Peak Times?

We put in the same amount of work whether it is a peak day or off peak and believe our prices are competitive enough without needing to add discounts.

How Many Cameras Do You Use?

We will have 3 full HD cameras at our disposal for the day and will attempt to use all 3 during the ceremony and speeches provided we have enough space in the vicinity to have 3 different camera angles, otherwise at least a minimum of 2 will be used. For the rest of the day there will be 1 main camera filming with another camera for the other main parts of the day such as the cake cutting and first dance.

Does The Package Include Travel Fee?

Yes our packages includes up to 50 miles of travel fee after which we will just charge for the petrol usage on top of this.

How Does The Payment Work?

We take a deposit of £300 to guarantee our services for the wedding day and ask the rest to be paid either the week of the wedding or on the same day depending on what is more convenient for yourself as we know some couples prefer not to take on the hassle of paying people on their big day.

Can We Choose Our Own Music?

We recommend that couples give us around 10 songs that they really love, that gives us plenty of music to play around with and use at our discretion, this way we are using music that you like, but does not hindered our artistic license.

Do You Film All Types Of Ceremonies?

Yes we also love to do videography for different ceremonies, Greek, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim Civil Partnerships etc. you name it we do it. We also film Baptism/Christening and Children's Birthday Parties. (Please enquire for details).

How Long In Advance Should We Book You?

As soon as you have a confirmed secure date you can book us, we only have a limited number of spaces every season, as we are a small company, especially during the summer months we get numerous inquiries for the most popular dates. Most of our weddings are booked at least a year in advance.

Safeguard Your Film

If you would like to make sure that your film stays safe for years to come we will put your Cinematic highlights clip on a high quality USB memory stick or the complete film on a Hard Drive, which comes in its own case for safekeeping.

Can We Arrange To Meet You Before Making A Booking

Yes, if you live within a reasonable traveling distance from us we can arrange to call on you. We fully understand that it's not always possible to arrange this due to distance or work schedules so we do give you the opportunity to book online. When booking online we do try to meet up with you before the wedding / event.