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My trip to the Czech Republic

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic, which is located in the center of Europe. It is one of the most beautiful and most charming cities in the world, this is qualified it to bear international nicknames, including “Charming Prague”, “City of High Towers”, “Golden City” and “Mother of Cities”. And “The Heart of Europe”. Some say that visiting it is like killing more than one bird with one stone. It is a tourist city par excellence, its beauty lies in its location on the clear “Vltava River” that divides the old city center in half. It also lies in the fact that it resembles an open museum, due to its heritage buildings of the “Art Neuveau” style, “Baroque”, “Gothic architecture”, modern and contemporary “Neoclassical”. The old town (Stare Mesto) is also considered one of the places declared by UNESCO in 1992 as a World Heritage Site because it has preserved many of the ancient features and was not destroyed during the Second World War, unlike what happened to many Central European cities.

The Czech capital, Prague, has an amazing amount of beautiful places and attractions that you can find among the stone streets and ornate bridges over the Vltava River, and the old town that takes you back to the Middle Ages with all its unique collectibles and monuments, including the famous castle, historical buildings, small restaurants and the most beautiful mythical places in Europe. The city includes an imposing castle dating back to the 9th century, which is now the seat of the Czech president, the site of the number one tourist attraction in the city and one of the most prominent tourist places in the Czech Republic at all. With all the nobility of its past, Prague is also a vibrant modern city full of energy, music, cultural art, fine dining and special events that satisfies the desires of its visitors.

I advise you to visit the beautiful city of Prague, where creativity in buildings and architecture blends modern, Baroque, Renaissance, Gothic and others. If you are those who enjoy mineral and natural waters, all you have to do is visit the therapeutic springs, whose natural mineral water temperature is 39 degrees Celsius. It contains a large amount of natural elements. One of the most important of these treatment centers is the Karlopi-Vary springs, the therapeutic village northwest of Prague.


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