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My trip to Turkey

My trip to Turkey was amazing, as the beauty of this country and the splendor of its landmarks that fascinate you, to come back to it again with memories and a lot of love. A few words are not enough to describe its beauty and the splendor of its details. My trip to Turkey gave me many lessons and beautiful memories that remain until I visit it again. Turkey is a country that is unique in its geographical location, unlike the rest of the world, as its borders connect the continents of Asia and Europe. The Bosphorus is located in the middle, forming a water divider that combines Western Asia and Eastern Europe, and this doubles the importance of its strategic location.

Istanbul city

The city of Istanbul has captivated me with its breathtaking beauty, its deep-rooted tourist attractions, and its thousands of years of culture. Istanbul is located on two continents, and it is one of the most visited Turkish cities, not only for its scenic beauty, but also for its spirituality, which comes from its contradictions. For example, you can buy the most luxurious international brands from a store, then find yourself directly in front of the sellers of colored carpets, and street vendors.

You may find yourself in front of tall buildings, and just meters away, you will find ancient buildings dating back thousands of years. This city is characterized by the abundance of its mosques, and its ancient buildings which take you back to ancient times and civilizations that are a mixture between East and West. It is all these contradictions that make Istanbul, a stark and ideal place at the same time.

Let me tell you about the delicious food in Istanbul and its distinct flavors, as it combines many qualities of Arab cuisine, Persian cuisine, Kurdish cuisine, Indian cuisine, and Armenian cuisine, due to the multi-cultural and civilizational mix that this city has witnessed over centuries. Turkish recipes have become among the recipes spread in all restaurants of the world.

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