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My trip to Britain

The city of (London), the capital of Britain, is called (the city of fog), the city of big dreams and promising opportunities, I do not exaggerate if I say more, let me share with you my unique experience during the years since the beginning of my journey to Britain, where London later became the city in which I live and work currently in.

It is charming and elegant just as its streets and architecture of its neoclassical buildings, ancient theaters, prestigious universities, institutes, and the presence of many commercial companies and offices of international organizations.

What draws you most as you walk steadily through the streets of this city is the unique cultural mix in its organization, and the urban buildings inspired by ancient times that give the classic character at times, and the modern at other times. You are in London, then you must see its beloved details, such as the Tower of London, a historic castle located north of the River Thames, and more, the Palace of Westminster, which is characterized by its Gothic architectural style, and Westminster Abbey, which is the largest church and the most famous religious place in Britain. As for Buckingham Palace (Royal Palace), it is a masterpiece that includes the royal family and palaces dating back hundreds of years, it is the seat of Britain’s Queen (Elizabeth).

The fragrant smells of winter linger in this city, but soon this land rises and announces the birth of spring, sun and life, so that the city teemed with life again, the streets were adorned with the scents of fragrant roses from the balconies of houses, cafes and public parks were crowded with their visitors.

I invite you to visit the city of London to have a unique experience, taste the classic beauty of all kinds, and learn about the cultures of people whose civilizations extend back to glorious ancient times.

Coventry City

The city, that was brought back to life again, after what it witnessed of wars and calamities, became after a short period of time one of the most important and active cities on the economic and industrial levels in Britain, many international companies are located in it, especially in the fields of (energy research and heavy industries).

What distinguishes this city is the presence of many cathedrals, the most famous of which is (Coventry Cathedral), there are also many galleries and an art museum, in addition to the presence of the most prestigious and major British government universities (Coventry University).

Coventry is the city of roses and love, wherever you go, you feel the fragrance of the past and the present in the dazzling touches of beauty, and in its landmarks, streets, monuments and ancient civilization.

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