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My trip to Syria

It is the beginning and the end of my travels. Syria is the stronghold of inherited glories. From its pure soil emerged the greatest civilizations of mankind. In Syria, tales are woven from the nobility of ancestors and their warm stories, memories are crowded with their forgotten fragrance on the balconies of their beautiful homes, and their generous people are distinguished by their generosity, kindness, and wide culture. From here, the original human being was created and innovated with achievements that still rejoice humanity in its bliss until today. There were cities (Mari, Ebla, Ugarit, Kadesh, Amrit, Apamea, Dura Europos, Palmyra, Bosra, Shahba, and Rusafa), and cities appeared (Damascus, Aleppo, Homs, Lattakia, Homs, Hasaka…..). I am the son of this good land that carried me on sufferance and contempt, it taught me pride and provided me with knowledge and strength, like one of its many fortresses, including the fortress of (Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi) in Latakia.

Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi’s Castle :

One of the castles of the mountains of the Syrian coast, where it sits on a high peak surrounded by forests and wonderful scenery. For a long time, it was called Zion or Elson Castle, and today it bears the name of the castle (Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi), in honor of the memory of the Arab leader (Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi).

Crac des Chevaliers:         

The most important castle from the Crusader period. Inside, there are unparalleled craftsmanship of limestone, which is distinguished by its beauty and excellence in its architecture, which was witnessed by the huge Gothic cathedrals built in Europe in the same period.

Damascus city:               

Damascus is the heart and soul. It is my beautiful city surrounded by blessed walls, from the time of Jesus Christ to our present times. As You walk in the streets of Damascus, gathering, in vain, hidden secrets at the sides of the road, from the scents of jasmine, the fragrance of the roses, and the breeze of its fresh air that penetrates deeply into the conscience. The story begins with its modern streets, beautiful buildings, tidy balconies, grandeur universities, institutes, and institutions. As for its markets, they are beautiful and rich in resources and forms, as if you were reading the details of an antique embroidered carpet. On the other hand, I invite you to taste the beauty of another kind, which is the beauty of (Old Damascus).

Old Damascus:

Old Damascus includes many ancient neighborhoods, markets, inns, mosques, churches, schools, cobbled streets, the fortress and the Roman wall. The ruins date back to several periods and eras of civilizations that followed the ancient city, whose construction dates back thousands of years. You are fascinated as you walk in the streets of old Damascus, and think that you are in love with an overabundance of the beauty that fascinates you and takes you to the old times and the wonderful and ostentatious Damascene sessions. In its cafes, there are the imprints of love and unlimited adoring. On the old balconies love roams, stretches and spreads all the details of the past.

Yes, it is the city of love, beauty and eternal adoration…. Welcome to Damascus; history, civilization, tradition and eternal glory.

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