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My trip to Spain

One of my most beautiful trips and travel destinations that I have enjoyed is “Spain”, as it bears many meanings that go back to the ancestral civilization throughout the ages, an ancient Andalusian history, inscribed on the walls of its cities manuscripts of an authentic Arab civilization. These walls take you back to the old dreams, legends of art, music and the well-being of people who lived in a unique era. As you book your trip to Spain, do not forget your share of visiting the city of “Malaga”, the most beautiful tourist place in Spain, because of its historical and cultural richness, its mild climate, and its location on the seashore, where the port, the Gibral Faro Castle, the Roman theater, Gibraltar Castle, and the church of Our Lady of Victory. As for the old city, it is another story, it includes the most beautiful archaeological buildings and ancient shops. The city is characterized by its wide streets and roads that are adorned with ancient inscriptions and cheerful lighting. The city is full of restaurants that serve the best Spanish food, and beautiful cafes that are crowded with tourists from all corners of the world.

Entertainment is one of the most important things for many who want to travel there. Malaga includes many tourist attractions that many visitors come to for the purpose of walking and discovering. These landmarks are divided into historical landmarks and religious monuments, where there is the Church of Santiago, which includes elements of both Christian and Islamic traditions, it was built in the place of the old mosque, and its gate carries Gothic style. The city has many parks, gardens, and green spaces that are popular, most notably the historic La Concepción Park and the palm grove. There are also many diverse museums of wide fame, most notably the Malaga Museum of Fine Arts and Archeology and the Picasso Museum. Events, occasions and celebrations are among the highlights of Malaga, Spain, which are of interest to many visitors. There are three main events that gather all residents of Malaga: Holy Week, Malaga Fair, and Malaga Film Festival. Holy Week begins with processions on Palm Sunday and continues until Easter Sunday, while the Malaga Fair celebrates the transformation of the streets into traditional symbols of Spanish culture and history, with live flamenco performances. The Malaga Film Festival, exclusively for films produced in Spain, is one of the most important art festivals in the country.

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