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My trip to Lebanon

Who does not dream of tourism in Lebanon? This wonderful country combines history and amazing natural scenes, where seas, plains, valleys and mountains meet in its nature. As for history, it embraces archaeological sites dating back to the Roman, Byzantine, Islamic and other civilizations.

Let me take you on one of my most fantastic trips to beautiful Lebanon, which starts from its capital, Beirut, with the ancient and modern streets. In Beirut, the sea, the mountain and the plain come together to form a charming landscape with its colors, and the splendor of its houses climbing up the mountain with its bright red bricks. As for the old streets, it is a story of another kind, told by the laughter and broad smiles of passersby, despite many years of wars and hardships. In Zaytouna Bay, your eyes rest for a long time, as you stare at the high-rise buildings, which resemble Paris with its civilization and beautiful charming lights. In the yachts extending on the beach, there are tales and stories of many tourists that you can see in their eyes the looks of joy, happiness and ecstasy.

As for Byblos, the most beautiful world heritage site, you will be captivated by castles, most of which date back to Islamic times, such as the sea castle, the Crusader castle and the Persian castle. You will find the Byblos Site Museum with exhibits dating back to the Middle Ages, the Memory of Time Museum that displays fossils dating back millions of years, and the Wax Museum. If you are a fan of religious tourism, Byblos city includes many mosques and churches that you can visit, the most important of which are: (Sultan Abdul Majeed Mosque), which dates back to the Ayyubid era, (Sultan Ibrahim bin Adham Mosque), (St. John Mark Church), (the Church of Our Lady of Salvation) and others. Byblos is also famous for its festivals and celebrations throughout the year, the most important of which is the Byblos Festival, which attracts many singers from the Arab world. And you can only try the most famous dishes and desserts that the city is famous for, especially the various seafood dishes.

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