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My trip to Italy

Italy is not like any other country, it is a unique country, where beauty and love mix. Over its ancient walls, artists’ brushes innovate and take you to worlds of imagination, eternal love, and romance. It is the city of lovers, the pleasure of the heart, and the sanctuary of loved ones. The capital is (Rome), or what the ancient Romans called “the Eternal City”, a wonderful city that is proud of its ancient heritage, and ancient Roman temples, where the tourist enjoys its historical monuments and unique arts in almost every corner. It is divided into several areas that include the most important ancient landmarks such as (Colosseum, Capitoline Hill and Roman Forum), as well as stunning cathedrals, Squares and architecture dating back to the Renaissance and Roman civilizations with robust glories.


The city of Rome is known as the city with the largest population among the cities of Italy, with a population of approximately 4.355 million. Rome is the only example of a state within a city, as the Vatican State is located within the borders of Rome. Rome is also the center of many specialized agencies of the United Nations such as; Food and Agriculture Organization, World Food Program, International Fund for Agricultural Development, General Secretariat of the Parliamentary Assembly of the European Union, Rome also hosts a number of international trading companies and national and international banks. Rome is the most popular city for tourism in Italy, as it contains a large number of historical monuments and picturesque landscapes, with many examples of outstanding architecture, amazing gardens, fountains, bridges, columns and statues. Rome occupies an important position in the world of fashion and designs as well, thanks to the world famous brands that are stationed in this city. Rome also has one of the largest railway stations in Europe and is also an international center of higher education with a large number of academies and universities. Rome is one of the most beautiful ancient cities on earth, because it contains many cultural monuments such as; Palaces, museums, churches, gardens and temples, it is one of the most famous and most visited cities in the world.

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