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My trip to Iraq

It is one of my travels that I adore. Iraq is the land of fertility and great civilizations spanning thousands of years, the Hanging Gardens and the Code of Hammurabi. It is the ancient Mesopotamia (Syria, Persia and southeastern Anatolia). It also was an extension of the ancient civilizations of Egypt and India. Iraq possesses important tourist components represented by its historical and cultural depth, as the first civilization known to man, in addition to geographical diversity. It also possesses a religious dimension that makes it a country of holy shrines. Baghdad is the seat of art, music, and originality, the legacy of civilization, the gift of the Tigris, the country of science and knowledge, the lamps of darkness, and the home of Harun al-Rashid and his son al-Mamun. As you walk in the streets of Baghdad, you will feel the civilization of the ancestors and hear their continual words and cultures, and the depth of the meanings of their councils that are characterized by science and mysticism. Take a short walk to the National Museum in Baghdad and feel the values of ancient precious civilizations, with the splendor of their monuments and the luster of their erect statues, as tall as the people of Baghdad with their endurance to the horrors of war and its aftermath.

Continue your way in central Baghdad to Al-Mutanabbi Street, the cultural beacon of Baghdad and the fragrant of the ancient Iraqi civilization. It is a cultural forum and open market all year round, with libraries and precious books on its sides. It is frequented by most of the Iraqi intellectuals, in which cultural debates and knowledge exchange sessions take place on an ongoing basis. Run faster, you will see (Al-Mustansiriya School), which was one of the most important universities in the Islamic world in the Abbasid era. It taught Arabic, religious sciences, astronomy, mathematics, medicine and pharmacy, and had a private hospital to train its students. Tigris River, with its golden color, goes through the city of Baghdad and irrigates the fertile land with its waters mixed with love. On the sides of the river, mosques and holy religious shrines are the destination of pilgrims. To the south of the center of Baghdad, you can admire the historical city (Al-Madaen), which is part of a large palace near the river and is characterized by its ancient architectural style, and (The Iwan), the idea of the iwan came as a difference from the old Iraqi buildings, as it is dominated by the Assyrian character in its high buildings and landmarks.

It is the Iraq of originality, lofty and civilization…

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