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My trip to Holland “Netherlands”

They say: Every brick in Holland has a story to tell. It is the country of stories and novels, from ancient museums such as the Rijksmuseum to modern and contemporary art as found in the Groninger Museum in Holland. Perhaps incomparable to those in France. As you walk in the depths of the Dutch countryside, you discover virgin forests, drenched among tulips, red brick houses, attractive waterways and black and white cows. The charming nature of the Holland has great psychological effects.

Amsterdam is the capital and largest city of Holland. The city of Amsterdam is also known for its famous museums such as the Rijksmuseum, the Anne Frank House Museum and the Van Gogh Museum. If you mention Amsterdam, you must talk about its canals that are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, as well as the houses and buildings that are called (the floating homes). If you get the chance to travel to Amsterdam, it will definitely be the most enjoyable time you spend strolling along the canals. Amsterdam or as it is called the Venice of the North, it is so named because it contains one hundred kilometers of canals, the only problem that you can encounter in the Venice of the North is that it is easy to lose the way, so you have to ask for a good map from the reception at your hotel so that you can navigate in streets successfully. What distinguishes Amsterdam canals are those boats that their owners have turned into homes for housing, they are licensed by the municipality and linked to its sewage and electrical network. When you take your eyes off these floating houses with their beautiful shapes and gardens, to contemplate what is behind them, you will recognize these ancient buildings with their wonderful colors and architecture, especially as they bend forward due to the effect of water infiltrating the aquifers under the city since ancient times.

I advise you to visit the Netherlands in the spring, you will enjoy a tour of the Queen of Gardens “Kockenhof”. Inhale the scents of 7 million species of tulips, lavender, narcissus, orchids, carnations, irises and lilies. You will feel like you are floating in a sea of flowers with Incredible neatly stacked patterns that take you to worlds of imagination.

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