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Protect your creative assets with Rami Maki’s intellectual property and copyright services. Rami Maki ensures your business remains secure and can fully capitalize on its intellectual capital in the UK. Explore the range of services we offer in this critical area:

Intellectual Property Audits

Collaborate with Rami Maki to conduct thorough audits of your intellectual property assets, identify and assess the value and protection status of patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.

Trademark Registration and Management

Guide your business through the process of trademark registration to protect your brand identity. We provide ongoing management and renewal services for trademarks to ensure continued protection.

Copyright Protection

We can ensure your creative works are properly copyrighted for legal protection, and advise on copyright registration, fair use, and licensing agreements to protect your artistic and literary creations.

Intellectual Property Licensing

We facilitate licensing agreements to monetize your intellectual property.

Infringement and Litigation Support

We provide support in cases of intellectual property infringement. We collaborate with legal professionals to prepare and present evidence, or assist in settling disputes outside of court.

Domain Name Protection

Advise on domain name registration and protection strategies to align with your brand. we take measures to prevent domain name disputes and unauthorized use.

Choose Rami Maki for expert Intellectual Property and Copyright services that secure your creative endeavors, protect your brand, and foster innovation in the dynamic business environment of London.

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