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“The Godfather” movie

“The Godfather” tells the history of the emergence of the “mafia” in Italy and how it was founded by the godfather “Vito Corleone”, and reviews his life story, starting with the murder of his father at the hands of gang members and how he devoted his whole life to avenging the murders of his parents and brothers, then how he moved to live in America and became The great godfather of the family, which witnesses many criminal conflicts between families. His son (Michael) bequeathed the head of the family after him to start a new era in the family’s life.

The reason behind the popularity of the movie is Don Corleone’s character, who can combine softness and violence, compassion and cruelty, and persistence on a mixture of principles, one of which is bloody and the other complies with virtue and morals. We also see Don Vito Corleone, who is loved by his children, grandchildren and friends, as he often sits with his family to dine with them and plays his role in protecting and advising them. These interesting details are far from the stereotypical presentation of mafia movies. For Michael, Sicily is more than just a place to hide, it is linked to his roots, his childhood and his family name “Corleone”. We can see all the meanings of this place in the way Coppola chose to portray it, even in the relationship that will develop in it between Michael and Apollonia.

Instead of the dimly lit closed rooms in which the movie was set in America, most of the movie scenes taken place in Sicily are in the open air, under wide sky, sun, and sea, with an open depiction of faces and eyes, not covered with spots of darkness. Sicily suggests innocence of roots, and differs from the worlds of corruption and crime that America symbolizes. Here everything is old-fashioned and authentic (houses, clothes, relationships between men and women), everything follows ancient traditions that have not yet been changed. So Sicily is the perfect place for Michael to imbue his old, traditional legacy, good and bad. That which he had long evaded from in America, which he had more affiliation to than his affiliation to his history and his family. The movie is not just a struggle between the Italian mafia gangs, but it reflects all the human feelings that were projected on the life of the Italian mafia and other gangs in America, represented by the family of “Vito Corleone”.

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