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“Saving Private Ryan” movie

“Saving Private Ryan” is one of the rare movies where you stand amazed at the capabilities of American cinema in dealing with ingenious cinematic techniques that acknowledge the supremacy of western civilization and the uniqueness of Americans in leading the world without competition. The director (Steven Spielberg) worked to add a human mixture to show the civilization of the American soldier and his superiority over his peers of different nationalities intentionally. These meanings infiltrated through the events of the movie.

The movie producers collected approximately 20 materials from real battles for the movie to appear more realistic in conveying war drama to the screen. Therefore, the movie was successful. The director excelled in portraying the bloody killings, to show the people that the allies, in their blue clothes, were worthy of more than killing. Whenever the American and French forces meet German prisoners, they kill them without pity or mercy. We can say that the last scene is the end of the human context of the movie. In the midst of the disastrous atmosphere of the war, the director of the department for the attractive elegy letters to the families of the dead Americans, discovers once that there are 3 brothers who were killed in close battles, belonging to the “Ryan” family, and the fourth remains unaccounted for, James Francis Ryan (Matt Damon). It comes to the US Chief of Staff, and the President, as was told at the time. He orders, in an excessive humanity, to assign a military group to rescue “Ryan”, so that the mother does not lose four sons in successive tandem.

This problem that spreads and occupies a large part of the heroes discussion completely disappears before the last third of the movie. It was nothing more than an excuse for author (Robert Rodat) and (Spielberg) to romanticize the dystopian movie. When the missing son is found, he refuses to return to his mother, so Miller is forced to stay with Ryan’s group stationed on a strategic bridge on the Marderet River near the town of Ramel, to defend the bridge. At the end of the movie, the director tried to restore the human aspect by Ryan’s visit to the cemetery of “Miller” his leader in the cemeteries of “Normandy”, assuring that he became a good citizen.

We can say that “Janusz Kamiński” excelled in shooting many scenes and won the Academy Award, earning more than 480 million dollars. “Saving Private Ryan” is a vivid and powerful example of the single vision of events in movies, which was filmed within a war and humanitarian framework. The techniques of montage, makeup, photography, and music soundtrack were elaborately used to glorify the Americans.

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