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“Love in the Time of Cholera” movie

(Love in the Time of Cholera) is a movie based on the Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s novel of the same name. The time period of the movie extends from 1880 to 1930, and takes place in a Caribbean city on the Magdalena River in Colombia during the time of cholera. In his novel (Love in the Time of Cholera), Marquez presented a fiery sad love story that took place in the late nineteenth century in the Caribbean, where a young man named (Florentino Ariza), at the age of eighteen, met a young girl named (Fermina Daza). Florentino was an employee at the Postal Agency and famous in his community, but he was immersed in practical matters that distracted him from love and adoration, until he saw Fermina, while he was delivering a telegram. This moment was the spark of love and adoration that did not end even after half a century.

In his novel, Marquez tells a great love story that develops between (Florentino Ariza) and a woman named (Fermina Daza) that continues until they reach the age of seventy. The novel narrates details of events that occurred during the civil war, the cruelty of the war, and the cholera epidemic that killed people, and the worst of all is the story of love with all its details of the anguish and anxieties of love. Their love story continued normally and perfectly, like any two lovers, until this love turned overnight into hell, after Fermina’s father discovered about the story, and decided to leave the city and choose a suitable husband for his teenage daughter who transformed by love into another person who does not care about anything. At this moment, events are reversed, Fermina marries the famous doctor (Juvenal Urbino), to withdraw from her love story in a dramatic and tragic way.

(Florentino Ariza) tried to work hard to make himself a name after years of bitterness and loss and make a huge financial fortune so that he can get his old girlfriend back, and so that this deadly love between them lives forever. The events of the novel accelerate greatly, until the lovers finally meet at the funeral of Fermina’s husband, and more than half a century has passed since their last meeting. Florentino Ariza seizes the opportunity, saying to his beloved, “I have waited for this opportunity for more than half a century, in order to repeat to you once more the oath of my eternal loyalty and my everlasting love”.

(Lorenzo Daza), Fermina’s father in the novel, represents the image of a closed and conservative society that categorically rejects emotional relationships and considers them a great sin. Through this character, Marquez deliberately conveyed the social values ​​prevailing in the Caribbean at that period and the like of absolute patriarchy that controls everything. Society’s rejection of romantic relationships is clearly shown in the scene in which a nuns sneaks into a class and discovers that (Fermina Daza) is writing a love letter to her lover. This incident causes Fermina to be expelled from school and her father to discover about the matter. He breaks into her room and searches her belongings, and discovers the love letters between her and Florentino. The shocked father turns to Florentino and says, “The only thing I consider worse than ill health is notoriety.”

Marquez used a magic plot in his novel, through which threads of hope are woven that do not break even in distance, or with age. Love, as Marquez portrays it, pushes (Florentino Ariza) towards madness, adventure and an unknown destiny with a girlfriend whom he knows little about, yet her mental image remained firmly in his imagination and he worked hard to bring back these overwhelming feelings again after nearly half a century of waiting. In his novel, Marquez worked on manipulating the temporal space of the text to keep the reader or viewer in a state of confusion. In less than a minute, (Florentino Ariza) meets with his beloved as if it were a fantasy, these are good attempts to draw the readers’ attention to the sequence of upcoming events.

Through his novel, Marquez worked on depicting the reality of true love, and how it can turn the scales in the blink of an eye, turning the cruel person into calm and romantic one, it also changes people’s thinking in a more positive way to hold on to their dream, which – without a doubt – will come true even if the distance and absence are long and the days are hard.

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