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“Cast away” movie

A story starring Tom Hanks (Chuck Noland), a FedEx employee; In one of his usual flights to deliver parcels, during the flight, after the plane crosses a distance over the ocean, it is forced to change course due to a thunderstorm, but the plane malfunctions and falls into the ocean. The hero (Tom Hanks) survives, but he finds himself on a deserted island inhabited by no humans. He finds himself unable to do anything, but human will and strong determination always push him forward.

In the movie “Cast away”, Chuck tries to survive by himself and live on this remote island, so he made himself a house out of tree branches, he was eating raw fish, crabs, and coconuts. After that he succeeded in setting fire by banging two trunks together again and again, but to in vain, until his hands cracked and bled. With blood on his hands, Chuck throws a volleyball so hard that the volleyball becomes a face, so he calls him Wilson and makes him a friend. Chuck spends four years on the island, one day he builds a boat to take him home. He takes (Wilson) with him on his trip with the sealed package and some coconuts for food, then leaves the island after the wind has turned to his desired destination, but he loses his friend (Wilson) while at sea, which makes him feel desperate, but he finally manages to survive after a cargo ship passes by to save him, and finally returns to his homeland.

His company organizes a big reception after he comes back alive, but he gets shocked to find his fiancée married, Chuck delivers the package he’s been with for four years and leaves a message for the package owner (this package saved my life), when he returns he stands lost at a crossroads, so a woman stops her car to show him the road, and while he is leaving, he realizes that she is the owner of the parcel.

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