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“Atonement” movie

“Atonement” takes place during the Second World War in the large house of a rich British family, and this is evident from the beauty of the house, where we can see the luxury in beautiful Cecilia life and her sister Briony. We see a romantic story full of feelings and beautiful hints of lovers between Robbie and Cecilia, but with the misunderstanding of the younger sister Briony, the events of the film are reversed.

We take turns seeing the events in the movie through Briony, the naive girl who was mistaken in her appreciation of this love, as she does not understand some of the looks between Robbie and Cecilia, then the director (Joe Wright) leaves us to appreciate this beautiful relationship, including the ignition of this love gradually, but soon, all this love changes to parting, as a rape incident happens and Briony accuses Robbie. Here the first part of the movie in this English house ends.

After four years of separation and after Robbie was accused, he had two options: either go to prison or join the soldiers in World War II when England was helping the French to expel the Germans from their lands, Cecilia moved to the city and separated from the family completely. Robbie met Cecilia once and she discovered that war changes man and hardens his feelings to become another person stripped of everything. But thanks to Cecilia’s love for Robbie and her understanding of his psychological state, she was able to restore Robbie’s heart with some charming words, and they met again after the war ended, in the house that first brought them together on the seashore, to regain their beautiful memories and love stories.

The music has greatly affected the course of the movie, from the beginning to the end, as you can hear the sound of the typewriter keys, with the rest of the other musical elements, to make the work a masterpiece worthy of an Academy Award in the beautiful and moving soundtrack. As well as the love letters between (Cilicia and Robbie) with the beautiful feelings, love and promises it carried, they had a wonderful impact on our ears and hearts, which waited for these two lovers to meet again!

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